Here are some letters from families and fans we have had contact with. Thank you for all the kind words.


Bar none, these great people work from the heart. They’re out there everyday looking for endangered kids. They help families and ask for no money for themselves. They are God’s hands and they have touched my family and I will forever be greatful.

Daniel Hernandez


I hope you are well and the project continues to have great success! It is certainly needed to bring awareness to the public about these kids who most people never realize the dangers they face. I’m currently involved in a production about my life story and how the search for my sister and our work at Outpost for Hope began – it is so encouraging that these topics are hitting the mainstream and making for such compelling television. I can personally attest that in my experience, (and probably Joe can too) – the truth is stranger than fiction!

Can you pass along a personal thank you from me to Joe Mazzilli? I would really appreciate just being able to share that in the last 11 years of doing my work with Outpost for Hope, I have rarely met anyone in law enforcement (or retired law enforcement) who has been willing to be a champion for kids on the streets. It has been more like being a voice in the wind at times fighting for someone in law enforcement to give attention to these kinds of cases and arguing often for the basic need to simply take a missing persons report. I think Joe is a hero and his previous experience in law enforcement and what he’s doing now – speaks volumes to me.

My best to you and Joe and his team for this awesome work!

Libba Phillips
Outpost for Hope


“Joe, I know I have told you many times before, but I want to thank you again for the work you do. Not just for finding my son but, for all the other children you have helped reunite. If you ever have a case in Louisiana just let me know what I can do to help. Delta”

Delta Book
Jacob Book’s father


As I grew up I made a lot of mistakes that not only affected me but also my family. At that moment I didn’t care about nothing. Until I met Joe, he has changed my life completely in many different ways. For me is more than a hero he is my angel. Every step I thank and pray for my family and Joe because if it wasn’t for… them I would be somewhere else. Joe is a very special friend who I ADMIRE, RESPECT AND LOVE. WITH LOVE DAYANA ♥

Dayana Vasquez
Former runaway


Hey guys this is Jakob Book. my episode was on monday night. i wanted to tell everyone about what i went through and how the squad helped me. While i was gone i was under the influence of many types of dependent things.. i dont feel proud of what did. when i heard what i was doind to my family i felt bad but i still r…an faster. i dont know why i ran. mostly because i had a serious drug problem. when joe found me i was moments from dying. he saved my life and i owe it to him. if he hadnt found me. id be dead. thank you runaway sqaud and thank you Joe Mizzilli for helping me with my problems. ill always remember you guys. Call me as often as you like! stop bye too!
Thank you!

Jakob Book
Former runaway


We are so grateful to you Joe, your team and everyone who took our broken family by the hand and never gave up for a minute…you made us whole again and you will always be in our hearts. Thank You and GOD bless you.

Alicia Radil-Lopez


My dear friend Joe God bless you the squad and the show

Israel Lopez


Dear Staff Of Runaway Squad         12-3-2010

I saw your show earlier this year & must commend you all on the great work you do! These gift cards are for when all hope & faith seem lost. Go have a coffee on me, regroup yourselves, recharge & try it again! Just perhaps these gift cards could aid in a warm drink followed by good conversation that leads to a successful rescue. Keep up the good work & tireless efforts! Sincerely, Steve Scheinpflug


Joe,                                                                                                                12-2010

In case I haven’t told you this lately, Thank you for saving my son’s life. Last Christmas I stood at my window and cried. This year, because of you, I can see his wonderful face. You are truly an angel. Love Gina Book,Mike Petty & Family


Merry Christmas Joe,                                                                                    12-2010

Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family. You are a very special person in our lives. God bless you Joe. As I said before, ever since you found me you put my life back on track. I will always remember you for the rest of my life, because if it wouldn’t have been for you and the Runaway Squad I don’t know where I would have been right now. Once again thank you Joe, it’s been an honor to work for such a great person like you, who keeps helping everyone. God Bless You XOXO with Love Dayana

Hello. Im Marissa Weeks. Im almost 20(I was still 19 when i went missing on halloween). I thought i needed my own freedom and my own life. I wanted to do my own thing. I went out to Los Angeles(Gang Capitol of the world), and thought i had a ride home(turns out the people i was running with only got close to me to try and pimp me out). I ended up stuck in the area because i felt like i was a failure and i thought i could handle my own life. I ended up on the streets and ran into a girl i grew up with, she took me in and things were fine for a few weeks. When she was getting off work i had been at her house where her and her boyfriend live. The day before that they had a party, I went thru an event and her boyfriend tried to sell me to the same person who hurt me because he wanted to get high but didnt have money. I told my friend when she got back from work, she believed him. I locked myself in a room and happened to see your show on. I was missing for almost a month. I had been jumped by a gang, raped, and almost sold thruout that short time. I had believed i could take on life on my own and i could handle it without anyone(especially my parents) else helping. I previously had been molested by my cop uncle from age 7-17, i spoke up to my parents when i was 12. they said they would deal with it but they didnt believe me so that made me feel like they wouldn’t had helped me if i had contacted them when i ranaway anyways. I had to testify a few months ago after 2 years of trama waiting for the trial, i got fed up and ran. Eventually i broke down and it was after seeing your show. I had a wake up call thanks to you guys because i got a glimpse of how my parents must be feeling. I called them and went to work with my friend the next day to meet my parents. The first thng they did was take a picture of me and it is one of the few time i have ever seen my father cry. So thank you for your show, you made me see that what i was doing was causing pain instead of me thinking if i wasn’t there the pain would end. I would like to say this to you on a phone if anything and if possible. i live in california.

Marissa Weeks

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