Joe Mazzilli, a former NYPD detective, worked 10 years undercover, and headed the efforts of the NYPD Pimp Squad during the dark days of the 1970s.

It was while arresting pimps that Joe witnessed first hand the fate of runaways – whom end up abused, exploited, addicted to drugs, and sometimes dead. After retiring from the force, he has since dedicated a large portion of his private investigation company’s time and resources (pro-bono) to saving runaway teenagers and helping them reconcile with their distraught families.

Mr. Mazzilli, has started a not-for-profit organization, the Runaways Assistance Program (R.A.P.)

This is a pilot program consisting of former Law Enforcement Personnel and other professional’s (doctors, lawyers, etc.) who will be dedicating pro-bono investigative and other services to rescue at-risk and endangered runaway kids. Mr. Mazzilli’s dedication to these “forgotten children” has made a huge impact over the years, and his goal is to expand the reach. RUNAWAY SQUAD HAS NOW BECOME A TV SERIES ON THE A&E NETWORK.

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Runaway Assistance Program (R.A.P.)

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